Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

Day 1 – we REALLY made it safe and sound!

Hello parents, family and friends! We truly did make it to Rio de Janeiro this morning after a 10.5 hour flight. Most of us managed to get some sleep on the plane and it’s a good thing because we got to the hotel, dropped off our luggage and then we went off to the Copacobana Beach! So beautiful! Silky sand, fun waves, beach volleyball and more!
After some beach time and lunch, we were off for our first tour. We headed to Sugar Loaf Mountain- took a ride up a cable car. We stopped on one level, then on the top for a gorgeous view of Rio! The harbours, many beaches, forts and more! Check out some of our group shots! After our tour of Sugar Loaf, we got to go to a local Sunday shopping market! Some great gifts have been purchased already!
We just ate a fabulous Braziilan BBQ supper where we got to try some tantalizing meats, salads and authentic Brazilian cuisine.
Room checks were early tonight because we are all TIRED!!!! We are off to Christ the Redeemer Statue tomorrow, with some more beach time!

Take care!

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