Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

Day 2 –

So Day 2 has come and gone! We started out the day at 8:30, after eating a wonderful buffet breakfast. We took a 30 minute bus ride to Cristo Redenter (Christ the Redeemer) statue on top of Corcovado Mountain. It’s also known as hunchback mountain because it looks like a hunch backed person. A tram was put in, in 1884 to get up the mountain. It takes 20 minutes to get up. It was a mountain orginally called “pinnacle of temptation” by the Portugese and used as a viewing site. The statue was built in 1931 to celebrate 100 years of independence from Portugal. It is the most famous landmark in Rio. It’s pretty amazing – it’s almost as big as the statue of liberty.
We then stopped at the Metropolitan Museum and Cathedral. It was built in 1975 and a very unique cathedral, in that it is ciruclar with 4 sections of stained glass. It is 96 m tall and can fit 15 000 people. Pope John Paul II visited it in 1980. It was made to represent the bringing together of all people, no matter who you are.
Then we headed back to the hotel area to change and head to lunch and then the beach. It was some free time for the kids to relax and enjoy our close proximity to some shopping and the beach.
Supper was back at the same Brazilian BBQ restaurant – we’re all coming back a little heavier than we left, that’s for sure!
Lastly, we walked down to the beach front Copacobana market and did some more shopping!
Another enjoyable +30ish day!

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