Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 1

DSC02304 (Medium)In the morning the kids of the staff at the Pung Waan Resort came to visit us. We gave them humanitarian supplies and icecream! They sang two Thai songs for us. my favorite was the elephant song since they were lifting up their arms like elephant trunks, it was so adorable! Afterwards we all got into groups of two, one student and one child, and met with each other. For some it was difficult to communicate because a few kids were as young as two years old. When we were leaving all the bus the kids were waiting thee for us to say goodbye, and when our kid spotted us they’d point and wave faster!
Next was the Kanchanaburi World War 2 cemetery. Thailand was apart of the Allies in WW2 and the Japanese (part of the Axis powers) had captured prisoners of war from Australia, Britain, America, Singapore, Malaysia,  and Holland. The  cemetery is full of the graves of 6982 sailors, soldiers, and air men who died building the Death Railway.

We had lunch on a floating raft and was treated to, of course, a Thai meal! While we were eating lunch we were treated to a view of the beautiful limestone mountains in the distance. It’s so hot out today (probably close to 40 Celsius over here) so that wind was such a relief as we were being pulled along the river! 

After we visited the JEATH Museum. “JEATH” represents Japanese, English, American, Australian, Thai, and Holland. They were the main nationalities involved in the construction of Death Railway. The prisoners of war suffered greatly at the hands of the imperialist Japanese army (for example they were only allowed a sleeping space of 2.5 ft in width). The last picture was inspiring because it showed the prisoners standing up tall with their arms spread out after WW2 ended.

During the three hour bus ride to Bangkok we watched “The Little Buddha”.  Our tour director, Sky, bought it for us!

For supper and shopping we took the sky train to the MBK mall and shopped! I think that mall was about seven stories…  Amazing!

Triann Littlepine
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