Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 3

IMG_4922 (Medium)Today was a travel day to Cha Am. Once we arrived we hit the beach and much to our surprise the Gulf of Thailand water was like walking into a bath tub so much for cooling off. Some kids went tubing, some body surfed and some went on the horses. That night we went to the tailor for those who wanted to get suits and dresses. Those who didn’t,  went to the night market for guess what more shopping!  At 9 pm 17 kids went to the Thai boxing with Jana and Lindsay. The kids were able to go into the ring and put the flowers around the fighter’s necks before they fought.  Lots of deals were found at the night market.  Lots of smells too.  How can they flatten a chicken like they do? We celebrated Mackenzie Hickie’s birthday today!  Those who didn’t go to the night market or boxing came home for a much needed rest! No wake up calls for the next 2 days!  The kids won’t know what hit them!  Great day over all.

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