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Day 2 – Dachau and Munich

imageDay 2:

we started off our day going to the concentration camp about half hour outside of Munich, Dachau.  This camp was the first one to open up and all the others followed and modeled themselves after it. This camp wasn’t opened at first intenitionally for the jews but for the “asocials”/political opponents. The prisoners often had to work for 2 weeks straight with no rest. We had the opportunity to see things such as the barracks, crematoriums, and gas chambers.  We had 3 hours at Dachau than went back to Marienplatz for free time and lunch. We than got onto our buses to have a 2 hour bus tour. We went to the Ezer River where all the surfers go year round to practice. We stopped and watched them for about 10 minutes. There is a public nudity movement where nudity is very acceptable. Fortunately we didn’t see any this time. We took the group picture at the Nymphenburg palace. This palace was the palace of the summer palace of the Bavarian royalty. We got to see the glockenspiel chimes at 5 o’clock. We went to to the famous hofbrauhaus for dinner and show. Another great day in Germany. Looking forward to Switzerland tomorrow!




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