Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

Day 8- Shanghai

Today we were up by 7:00 and off to the airport by 8:20. It was a 2 hr drive back to Guilin. We flew out to Shanghai. Our flight was delayed by an hour but it was ok because there was great wifi in the airport! We arrived in Shanghai by 3:00 and unfortunately only one bus was there to pick us the yellow bus hopped on that one. Then the red bus got a surprise. Our very capable tour director got us on the fastest train in the world!!! Literally! It went 300 km per hour! Crazy! Then our bus met us at a train station stop and took us to our hotel. On the drive, we noticed Shanghai seems very different than Beijing. It seems very modern and up to date. Very beautiful

Supper wasn’t long after getting to the hotel. Many of us dressed up a bit as we were off to an acrobatic show afterwards.

The acrobatic show was amazing. Everything from juggling balls, juggling ceramic vases with feet, balancing on 8 stacked chairs while doing handstands to 7 motor cyclists chasing each other in a giant steel ball…amazing feats for sure!

Then we made it back to the hotel for some down time before bed checks. Busy day tomorrow too!

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