Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

Last 2 days in Hong Kong

imageFriday morning was a beach morning.  One crew left at 9:00 and another at 9:45 for Repulse Bay beach.  Loaded with snacks, towels, water and sunscreen we were ready for the 30 degree heat!  Some kids chose to stay on the beach for the day and soak up the sun while others took off to Ocean Park Amusement Park to enjoy some rides and shows. Yet another crew, albeit small, went to Disneyland! It was an amazing  way to round out this adventure. A few ofimage image the beach bums are coming back slightly lobsterish while the amusement park dare Devils have some other great memories!

Our last day started out with a sleep in day! Man, were we glad for that. We had time to pack, get organized and have some last visits with our little China family. We took our luggage to the airport around 11:00 am and then headed to the cable car to take us up to the Big Buddha! It was a 25 min ride up into the clouds! Then we walked through the village and up 260 steps to Asia’s biggest Buddha. It is made of over 200 pieces of bronze and each piece is over 2 tonnes ! It was super foggy up at the top which made it difficult to see. Interestingly, only 30% of people in Hong Kong are Buddhists. Hong Kong is fairly westernized and many foreigners live in there.

After eating lunch at the top, we made our way back down the cable car to head to the airport. 🙁

we we said good bye to David and Benny, our TD’s, and then our flight left at 7:20pm HK time.

We’ve all had a trip of a lifetime but are sure looking forward to seeing our families.


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