Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

March 31

IMG_2685Today started out with a trek to Manly Beach for some surfing and beach time! Many of the PAYTC travelers took part in some surf lessons where they tried to catch some BIG waves, and there were some big ones! The rest either shopped or set up on the beach to taIMG_2648IMG_2657IMG_2671ckle the big waves in the Tasman Sea! There is only a small part of the beach that you are allowed to swim on as the riptide is so forceful. In fact, the beach swim area was shut down later on because of the high tide. The kids got to hit some amazing waves before it was shut down though. The surfers started out on the beach to learn the techniques and then hit the water with the boogie boards and then the surf boards. Megan Tomyn was the first person to actually ride a wave and Liam Dodge soon followed! Everyone found surfing much more difficult than they expected. There was a professional photographer taking pictures and when those are downloaded the travelers can look on the web within the week to get them.

The kids found their way back to Sydney via a Ferry and some on the Train and spent their afternoon at Paddy’s market! Lots of bulging bags were the end result and a few were looking for others to help them carry their goods so they weren’t overweight!

In the evening the TD’s organized a disco cruise dance party where the kids got all dressed up, had a pizza supper, danced and saw the city sights at night! It was a blast as we danced the night away. This is the first time that EF has provided such a fun activity and the travelers thoroughly enjoyed it.

When doing room checks, many of the rooms looked like a bomb had gone off in them as travellers were trying to organize their bags for the flight to Hawaii the next day. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow as we continue our adventure to Hawaii!

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