Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

Day 9 — April 17, 1017

Today we began our 4 day Grecian Cruise! We bussed to the port where we boarded our Celestial Cruiseliner. Once on board we did a safety drill and then we set sail for Mykonos. The 6 hour trip gave us the opportunity to explor the ship. It is huge with 3 restaurants, 2 pools, a spa, a beauty salon and stores for shopping. We arrived at Mykonos at 6:00 and then took a water taxi from our ship to the island for shopping and sight seeing. Mykonos is known as “Little Venice” because it’s houses are built right out to the sea. We all trecked up to the Windmills which date back to the 16th Century and were used to mill flour when grain was grown here. Unfortunately, a downpour cut our time short on the island so after supper on the ship some of us took in the entertainment on the ship which included singing, dancing and a Cirque de Soleil type of show. A quick sleep for us tonight as we are up at 4:00 am to disembark and watch the sunrise in Samos.

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