Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

Day 14 — April 22, 2017

Wake up at 8:30.
We are staying at the Albatros hotel in Santorini again. We took a drive to the historical town of Akrotiri. This town was preserved by lava from the 1600 BC eruption. The lava preserved it so well that paintings and food could still be found. The site was discovered in 1967 and then started to be excavated. After we finished our tour there we took a drive to the famous Black Sand Beach. It was raining so no one went swimming but many of us collected sand from the beach. After we had some free time to walk around or eat near the beach.
We took the bus back to the hotel where some of the students got off and others waited on the bus to go to the main shopping area we were at yesterday. We had free time from 2-8pm so we did some last minute shopping and ate lunch. We ate our last supper in Santorini at Kira Niki which was souvlaki and fries. Then it was back to the hotel to pack up our suitcases in preparation for beginning our trip home!

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