Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 3

Wednesday April 4th 2018

Today was our first whole day in Thailand. The day started off by waking up at 6:15 to a wake up call from the front desk. Then we had breakfast in our hotel at the wonderful restaurant on the second floor. After the amazing breakfast we headed to the Band Pa-in Palace. While we were there we took a lot of pictures with our groups, had time to feed fish off of a gazebo, and walk around a small portion of the palace while our guide Ann told us about the history of the place. The palace had a lot of stunning views which helped a lot with taking pictures. From the palace we headed to Watyaichaimongkhol which was a Buddhist temple. We explored around the temple took a lot of pictures of the beautiful sights there was to see, did a little bit of shopping, and some learning go along with it all. After that we went to Wat Maha That which happened to be another Buddhist Temple that was burned and just a worn down place. For lunch we went on a boat that took us back to Bangkok, it was a buffet which was nice, first time in a while that we had selection on what to eat. On the boat we had our lunch and just relaxed outside catching some sun and getting a little tan going for the two and a half hours we had. We got back to the hotel and had a couple hours of free time and most of us spent it going to the pool and having a dip, while others went and walked around the area or stayed in their rooms. When our free time was done we had to get ready for supper which was at a place named Silom Village and it was a preset Thailand meal. During the meal there was a show going on at the same time on the stage. The show was music and some dancing which was very interesting and very cultural. Most of the people enjoyed it a lot. Once supper was done we headed back to the hotel and ended our night by kicking back and relaxing.

Bryce A and Taylor L

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