Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 6

April 6th 2018!
We started our day by waking up on the train around 4:30am. Many of us were very exhausted from the evening before! We got off the train around 5:30 and hopped on the bus and had an hour drive to our hotel in Chiang Mai, the hotel is really nice and very authentic. We headed up to breakfast and there were many options to choose from! We were able to drop our luggage off in our rooms and they are really nice. Around 8am we hopped back on the bus and headed to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. Once getting there we split into two groups one went up on an elevator to the top of the mountain and the other group walked the 290 steps up! Once getting to the top we had free time to look around and take pictures. The temple was very beautiful and there was so many things too look at. There was also a look out point where you could view Chiang Mai from high above! After looking around the temple we headed back down to the bottom and headed to the bus to go to the Hill Tribe Centre. At the Hill Tribe Centre we got to see locals and how they live and all the different crafts they make. We were also able to buy the crafts they make. The crafts ranged from blankets to cross bows! We then headed to lunch, after we ate we got to see the orchard farm and butterfly 🦋 farm. The orchards and butterflies were absolutely beautiful! After lunch and looking at farms we headed to the Umbrella making Center. We were taught how they make the umbrellas there and then afterwards we had free time where we were able to get pictures painted on our phone cases, umbrellas and purses! There were so many beautiful paintings! After that we headed to a silver and gold factory. We got to see beautiful jewelry that was very expensive. After spending time there we headed back to the hotel where we had free time until supper at 7. During free time some went to the pool while others relaxed. We then headed to supper and it was amazing! Around 8:30 we headed to the night market and stayed there about an hour and a half. The market was lots of fun and lots of shopping to be done. We then headed back to hotel around 10pm and headed to bed due to the early wake up call tomorrow morning at 6am and we are all really tired 😴 Goodnight!



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