Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 10

April 10


Today was a free day for us here at the Pung Waan Resort, so that gave us time to sleep in!  We all had an opportunity to take part in the activities of rafting and kayaking here for the afternoon. During the rafting we got to jump off the raft and float along the river.  How refreshing in the +40 heat!   a handful of us got some sun that day for sure!

The adventures didn’t stop there!  Some of us had a chance to get a Thai massage here which I heard was quite relaxing and somewhat hurtful; I feel like that’s pretty normal. After the activities that had been offered, we had other options to do that the resort had to offer for example to go see the deer park, rock climbing, swimming and whole lot more. Overall today was more of a relax and laid back day also to rest your eyes.
– Glynis. S –

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