Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 25 – Innsbruck, Verona and Vincenza

Today on April 25th, we traveled from Munich, through Austria, and made it to Verona in Italy. It was bright and early when we woke up, before leaving on our tour bus. For much of the ride, lots of us slept! For those who watched out the window, the scenery grew more and more mountainous as we got closer to Italy. White snow capped mountains were all over the land. The grass was as green as ever. Our tour guide, Michela, led us on a small tour through Austria. We were set free to further explore the streets, many of us tried new foods and shopped at several areas- including the Swarovski shop and other stores for souvenirs. Some of us on the yellow bus tried out strange new food, like cow tongue! We met at a building which is known for its golden roof, before carrying on to our next destination in Verona, Italy. On our way there, we further bonded with bus games where we’d get to know one another, talk about why we joined travel club, and talked a bit about our families. We also reenacted the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet, as our opportunity on the way to Verona was fitting. The day was grey and rainy, however it was warm so we went off to one of the larger Italian amphitheatres. Stone, tall, and grand compared to all of the other monuments and buildings surrounding it- which were also very beautiful. Some of us went to Juliet’s balcony, of which many would meet the statue of Juliet. Munich also had a Juliet statue; both were subject of a story which noted that if you were to touch the statues right breast, you would become a heartfelt and good lover. We explored the streets of Verona, the buildings were tall and we were quickly becoming drenched. The rain didn’t discourage us from exploring, shopping and enjoying time with one another. We finally went back to our hotel, where we ate authentic courses of Italian cuisine. We settled in, some of us went out to dance- before finishing our day with friends and long awaited sleep. The day was full of bus ride hours, however what we saw was so magnificent and lively in the countries we visited today. The PA Youth Travel Club group are looking forward to our next day in Venice.



15 thoughts on “April 25 – Innsbruck, Verona and Vincenza

  1. diziler

    This is really commendable. I wish the chapter more Grace to do more around their communities. CONGRATULATIONS!! Meagan Damien Lattimer

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