Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 17

April 17th- Today we started off by visiting George Square. There are plenty of old statues here of important figures such as James Watt, Queen Victoria, and famous writer Walter Scott. After, we arrived in the Riverside Museum, which has trains, trams, and cars of various historical times. We also caught Donna attempting to ride a C5 simulation! We then made it to Buchanan Street, which is the 2nd biggest shopping district in the UK! After, it was time for the Bagpipe Centre. Many people attempted to play the bagpipes, including Donna. And, lastly, we made it to Saint Mungo Cathedral and Necropolis (city of the dead). The Cathedral’s glass was replaced in the 1950s due to smoke pollution. Necropolis had hundreds of headstones from the 1800s. The larger the headstone, the more wealthy you were. We had so much fun- what a fantastic day!

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