Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 19

Today,  we started the day off by driving to a train station in Fort William. On the way there we stopped by this beautiful old castle where we learned a few things about the Scottish war. When we arrived in our destination, we visited a very interesting museum showing us items from the old Scotland. We had an hour of free time and walked around the beautiful, painting like town. On the train ride, we got to ride over the Glenthinian bridge ( The famous Harry Potter Hogwarts bridge) . We arrived in Mallaig and got to walk around for awhile and had a breathtaking view of the ocean. We stopped at a popular viewing spot to get better pictures of the bridge. We headed back to our next hotel in Inverness where we had dinner and free time. Today has been an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity thanks to the Prince Albert Youth Travel Club.-Ella and Alina






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