Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 20

Today we had a very early morning. Breakfast was at 7 and there was so much to choose from. Things like toast, fruit, yogurt, and lots of pastries. We loaded the bus at 8:15 and headed to Loch Ness, and boarded the boat. There were 2 floors on the boat, and all of us chose the top one. The views were incredible, but we are sad to announce, we did not see Nessie.

We learned that the Loch ness holds more water than all other lakes in Britain combined! We got off of the boat at Urquhart Castle, and had time to explore. This castle was one of our favourites, because the views of Loch Ness were so breathtaking. 

The weather couldn’t have been better, and we all enjoyed the sunshine. After some sandwiches at the cafe, it was time to hit the road! The drive to Edinburgh was long so we stopped halfway in a small town, to use the washroom and get some ice cream. Once we got to Edinburgh we went to a pizzeria called Jolly, and in our opinion, it was the best place we have eaten yet. This was one of our favourite days yet.

Cara, Alea, and Maddy.

*the group pics below are part of a group photo challenge we have been doing!  The poses have some meaning to the stories we have been told on this adventure!  You’ll have to ask your traveler about them when they get home!

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