Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 22

Today we went in many adventures. All of which include fun surprises, learning opportunities and activities for everyone to enjoy. We started the morning off with the Storytelling Center located on the Royal Mile. This is where we learnt about some fun stories about Scotland and even a catchy song. Next, we had some free time for about an hour and a half with more opportunities to explore the famous Royal Mile. Soon many of the travels had an adventure involving ghosts and history about how crimes were treated back in the 1700-1800s. Swiftly after us young explorers were able to go take a look at the National Museum of Scotland with levels from -1 all the way to a level 7. Each level was full of marvelous attractions to experience. At the end of the day we all enjoyed an outstanding meal at Wagamama restaurant! Throughout the day we also had the opportunity to celebrate a traveller’s birthday. Happy birthday Reyenna!

We had an unexpected excursion to visit the North Sea!  It was the first time that some of our travelers have been able to touch the sea or ocean so there was celebrating galore!

Our last day in Scotland had even more amazing memories to be cherished!



































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