Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 23

At the break of dawn, we were off to Edinburgh Train Station. We said our goodbyes to the breathtaking city and made our way to London.  After a few short hours, we made our way into London Kings Cross Train Station. From there, we met up with our new bus driver, Dave and headed towards the heart of London. Our travellers all then trekked by foot to experience the live-action events and also to get our legs moving from sitting on the train! We all then had the opportunity to walk across the Millennium Bridge. It wasn’t long till we ended ourselves up at the bottom of the famous London Eye! Many of our travellers got the amazing opportunity to step foot on the London Eye; for some it was the second time. After the enjoyable ride it was everyone’s favourite time of the day today. Supper! Supper settled well I’m everyone’s stomach. It was such fun and will be one of the most memorable days for all us travellers! Cheers! Emma



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