Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 26

We woke bright and early, after the refreshing and relaxing evening we were given. Though, we still took advantage, on our bus ride out of Birmingham Region, to catch some more Zzzs. We said goodbye to England and hello to Wales as we crossed the border between the two. 


We saw a castle in the town of Conwy, Wales. We were able to walk through the castle, up its towers, and around the stone walls, which all have been standing since the year 1283! We were also able to visit the tiniest house and a few streets of the walled-in part of Conwy.


We soon stepped off of United Kingdom territory, onto a ferry heading over the Irish sea. We passed the time on our way to Dublin exploring the vessel and chitchatting. 


Once we reached land, we were delighted to be picked up by our very own pink EF bus. Before reaching the hotel we had our supper at the Guinness Restaurant & Bar. Very Irish.


Maddie getting ready to head on the boat!













On the ferry to Ireland



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