Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

April 30

Today we were swept out of County Kerry, heading for the town of Lehinch.

The beach was the main attraction. In individual groups we explored the extensive sandy beach front, making sure not to wander in to deep for worry of being caught up by the tides and taken away to the ocean. We agreed that we had gotten too far along in this trip for concerns like that. If people got bored of the beach, they could go into town to grab a some lunch before heading onto the bus.

Our next stop was the famous Cliffs of Moher. We were able to walk along the edge of the cliffs on a trail, absorbing the dramatic view of the 250 meter tall cliffside that is being eaten up by eroding tides. We were told not to be like the stupid people who went over the wall that designates a safe distance from the edge. Once again, we only needed to keep it together for one more day.

We were then taken on a boat to get the down low view of the cliffs. The cold ocean spray made us all look like real adventurers out on the water. We saw the front of the cave that is famous for being used in the sixth Harry Potter
film. We also saw puffins flying next to the boat and the faint outline of the Aran Islands on the other side of the boat.

After that lively ride we were all very pleased to be heading to our final destination for the day, our hotel in Shannon. We had a fancy supper as a last hurrah on this spectacular adventure and must now get all the sleep we can get before our flight back home. Though this adventure is coming to a close, we are all so very grateful to have these new memories that will stay with us forever.

-Camryn on behalf of PAYTC 2022!!!!!

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