Prince Albert Youth Travel Club

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you have to do fundraising?

No the choice is yours.

  • Can a family fundraise the whole trip?

   Yes it is possible and it has been done however to do so requires a big commitment from parents and traveler.

  • Is fundraising divided equally?

            No. The more a family contributes the more they receive.

  • What are the fundraising opportunities?

Barbecues, Raffle Tickets, Canteen @ Prime Ministers Park, Spiffy Crew, Casino Pancake Breakfast, Bingos, Great Western Coffee Sales, Security @ Carlton Dances,  Coupon Books, Gates @ Exhibition and any other opportunities that come our way.


  • Can you fundraise on your own?

      Yes!  However please ensure you have the PAYTC Letter of Permission Form.

  • How do the barbecues work?

For every shift that you work you are awarded 1 BBQ Point.  At the end of the BBQ season, after all the bills have been paid and a net profit is known, the total number of shifts are divided into the net profit to arrive at a dollar value        for the point.

  • How do the raffle tickets work?

         You prepay your tickets. The amount you prepay is credited to your traveler’s         account. When you sell the tickets you keep the money.

  • What is the role of the advisors?

      To provide supervision to your son/daughter and to ensure that your traveler         has a pleasurable traveling experience.

  • What generic antibiotics and over the counter medicine should my son/daughter take along on the trip?

Any prescription medication that your son/daughter currently takes as well a prescription for generic antibiotics just in case your son/daughter do get sick on the trip. Please refer to the “Packing List” but be sure to bring along Imodium,   Gravel, Pepto Bismal, Tylenol or Advil.

  • Who is responsible to drop son/daughter off at the airport as well pick them up on the return date of trip?

Parents are responsible for ensuring their son/daughter arrives at the airport at      the appropriate time as well as picking them up on the return flight.

  • Why do we need to exchange money a head of time?

         To ensure that the travelers have currency when they arrive at their destination, as well changing money at our destination is time consuming.  By purchasing ahead the travel club   receives a more competitive exchange rate with the bank.

  • How can I ensure that my son/daughter won’t run out of money while on the trip?

Consider sending your traveler with a CAA Travel Visa. These can be purchased at CAA for a minimum of $250. If your traveler runs low on funds you can reload this card so that your traveler has access to funds. Another suggestion is a MasterCard/Visa card that is linked to a bank account.


  • Why can’t my son/daughter call or email me more frequently?

   Trip days are packed with activities from morning until supper or later. Often availability of internet or phone cards can be rare or if available, due to the      large size of the group, it is difficult for everyone to have access. One of the travel advisors will try to ensure that a group email is sent every day or so to keep parents informed. 

  • Why do advisors need to collect ahead for optional tours?

            To ensure that travelers can take part in optional activities on the trip. In the past travelers have run out of funds and sometimes are unable to participate in optional activities.

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